with synthetic turf lawn, you do not have to waste water anymore

Reduced Water Usage

  • Artificial turf doesn't require watering and can save you 75% to 90% of your total water usage.
With a lawn or putting green from New England Turf Store, you don't use pesticides

No Fertilizer or Pesticides

  • Artificial grass lawns require no fertilizers which will reduce contaminated run-off into our water ways.
  • Herbicides and pesticides are unnecessary because artificial surfaces repel insects and are not susceptible to diseases that plague real grass
With a lawn or putting green from New England Turf Store, you reduce your carbon footprint

Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Artificial lawns require no mowing. This reduces the stress on our ozone layer and helps prevent global warming.
  • Because lawn mowers don't have the efficiency or emissions systems of cars, it has been estimated that one lawn mower can pollute as much as ten (10) cars
All New England Turf Store products use either BioCel(TM), EnviroCel(TM). EnviroCel Home(TM) backings from Universal Textile Technology(NOTE: Opens in new window). Universal Textile Technologies (UTT) is a pioneer in manufacturing high performing backing systems for carpet and synthetic turf. A leader in environmentally friendly practices and products, UTT's BioCelTM, EnviroCelTM and EnviroCel HomeTM backings have been widely recognized as the first choice in specifying eco-friendly carpet backing for commercial and residential applications. In addition to being environmentally friendly, UTT's polyurethane high performance carpet backings provide many benefits to carpet, turf and overall integrity of the project. All of our backing products:
  • Withstand repeated cleanings
  • Improve safety and cushioning
  • Resist snagging and raveling
  • Reduce replacement costs, down time and service interruption
  • Support the face and life of carpet
  • Won't degrade when exposed to moisture
  • Insulate against energy loss
  • Are lightweight and easy to install
  • Reduce ambient noise
  • Add structural integrity to carpet