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3 Amazing Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf

Though it was once limited primarily to sports stadiums, the last several years have seen artificial turf’s popularity as a residential landscaping solution grow. The market for artificial turf passed $2.6 billion in 2020 and is projected to keep growing as more homeowners discover its benefits.

If you’re thinking of looking into how to install artificial turf, check out these advantages that an artificial lawn has over traditional grass landscaping.

1. Forget About Cutting, Mowing, and Trimming

One of the most straight-forward perks of opting for artificial turf over plain-old grass is the time and effort that you’ll save on caring for your lawn.

Leave a regular lawn alone for more than a week or two, and you’ll have to contend with an untidy, overgrown mess. By contrast, all the regular maintenance that any artificial lawn needs is a periodic cleaning to keep it looking its best.

You can also forget about having to worry about weeds and crabgrass, as unlike a conventional law your artificial turf won’t give allow any space for intrusive plants to take root.

2. No Water, Fertilizer, or Pesticides Required

Between irrigation, fertilizer, and pest control, Americans spend a whopping $29.1 billion on lawn care every year. Just in terms of dollars and cents, that would be a huge sum to spend on lawn care. But it gets worse when you consider the environmental impact.

According to the EPA, landscape irrigation accounts for a full third of all residential water use, totaling about 9 billion gallons of water a day, which is an unconscionable amount considering the increasing occurrence of long-lasting droughts.

And all the chemical fertilizers needed to keep a lawn healthy come with their own sets of problems.

Fertilizer runoff tends to find its way into ponds, lakes, and streams. Once there, it can cause algae blooms that suffocate aquatic wildlife populations.

And pesticides are just as bad. Many have been linked to health problems in humans and animals, making them hazardous to family and pets. And they’re also thought to be the driving force behind the decline in pollinator populations, which is an ecological disaster waiting to happen.

With artificial grass, you get to both save money on maintenance while knowing that you’re taking the more earth-friendly option.

3. Looks Great Year Round, Shade or Shine

Besides being easy to care for, artificial turf can be counted on to look great no matter the conditions.

You’ll never have to worry about covering up dead patches caused by shade, or your lawn withering in the winter or drying out in the summer. Many urban gardeners are even finding artificial turf useful in creating rooftop gardens and other green spaces.

Learn How to Install Artificial Turf and Reinvent Your Backyard

Nothing breathes new life into your outdoor living space like a fresh, green lawn. And by investing in artificial grass over the old-fashioned option, you can ensure that your lawn stays pristine year-round with a fraction of the effort.

For some tips on how to install artificial turf in your yard, check out our guide on how to easily lay out your new lawn on the first try.