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Green Walls

Green walls, also known as plant walls or vertical gardens, have become a rising new trend in recent years. SYNLawn Artificial Green Walls are ultra-realistic foliage in a variety of customizable plant mixes creating eye-catching artificial ‘living walls’. Each panel seamlessly connects to the next, in both organic design and physical installation.  Our artificial green walls capture the exact colors, shadings, dimensions, and movement of real plants for both indoor and outdoor areas such as common areas and roof terraces. UV-tested foliage options minimize fading for beauty looks built to last.

Ideal Artificial Green Wall applications

The artificial advantage is not only cost savings but low-maintenance as living walls are expensive to install and upkeep. Our artificial green walls can brighten up interior spaces, creates a privacy screen and can offset non-functional walls.   All of our artificial green walls are customizable with a range of colors.