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Would you like to expand your outdoor living area?  Have you ever thought of taking advantage of the space on your rooftop or roof deck above the garage?   New England Turf Store can help you transform these areas that have been ignored into beautiful outdoor living areas with artificial grass. The use of rooftops as an enjoyable area for leisure has been seeing a huge rise in popularity, especially in and around the Boston area. Artificial grass is perfect for turning a rooftop into an attractive outdoor area, perfect for enjoying the sun and fresh air while still providing the relaxation that comes from being in your own space.

By creating an artificial grass space on your rooftop or garage roof deck,  it will become more functional spaces that never stains or needs waterproofing. It is a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to wood or composite decking.

Key Benefits of using artificial turf on a rooftop

  • Increase your leisure space by converting your unused areas into your own personal oasis. Our HeatBlock™ technology keeps things comfy for year-round enjoyment even during the hottest of days.
  • Creates an entertainment area for guests, a recreational area for children or a rooftop garden
  • An area for pets to go and play. Our artificial grass rooftop solution helps to keep your pets clean while outdoors, free from the spread of disease as well as pests like fleas and ticks.
  • A lightweight alternative to other roof deck materials making it a perfect solution for older buildings where weight is a factor.
  • Look and feel of real grass – for any elevated environment
  • No weeding, no mowing, no chemicals, no water
  • Temperature-controlled summer coolness, no-effort wintergreen
  • Can be used on lighter roof constructions
  • Attractive appearance and minimal maintenance year-round
  • More attractive than a paved grey or black surface
  • Sustainable and safe for the environment
  • Class 1 fire rating.

Advantages versus natural grass

  • Lifespan: A green roof increases the life of the roof covering.
  • Energy savings through thermal insulation.
  • Cleaner air through capture particulate matter.
  • Increase in value of the home.
  • Relatively low weight compared to natural grass, no substructure is needed for grass to root