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Commercial Rooftops

For many buildings, the roof is a purely functional feature that protects the structure from the elements.  However, many building owners have learned that transforming spaces that were previously unused and inhospitable can provide real value to the bottom line. 

At New England Turf Store, we have helped dozens of commercial enterprises like hotels, condos, apartment buildings, and restaurants create attractive, easy-to-maintain rooftop spaces that have turned into game-changing revenue generators.

Our artificial grass products provide the best green roof surface available. Engineered using our patented drainage tile system to be the most durable, best draining, and most realistic green roof artificial grass on the market.

The SYNLawn® Roof Deck solution creates many advantages for residential and urban life by creating something out of what usually is nothing.  Roof decks above the garage, outdoor/indoor decks, pool areas, and patios are all great examples of where SYNLawn® compliments or provides a longer-lasting alternative to wood or composite decking and concrete deck tiles with less maintenance. 

Urban residential and commercial buildings may also benefit from using SYNLawn® to create rooftop gardens, entertainment areas, and enhance balconies and terraces with a lightweight surface, easy installation methods, and carries a Class 1 fire rating (in select products).

Even better, roofs using the SYNlawn Roof Deck solution can dramatically reduce the load on commercial drainage systems.  When it rains, the rainwater on a classic flat roof immediately is transported to the roof drains and fed into the plumbing pipes. Research has shown that a roof featuring artificial turf can pick up about 50% of the rainwater and release it back into the atmosphere. This provides significant relief of the sewage system and reduces the risk of flooding.

Key Benefits of using artificial turf on a rooftop

  • Turns unused space into a revenue-generator
  • Absorbs sound - providing a quieter environment inside and outside the building
  • Look and feel of real grass – for any elevated environment
  • Maximizes commercial areas by transforming hard, unused spaces
  • No weeding, no mowing, no chemicals, no water
  • Fire-resistant standards
  • Temperature-controlled summer coolness, no-effort wintergreen
  • Can be used on lighter roof constructions
  • Attractive appearance and minimal maintenance year-round
  • Absorbing and insulating effect
  • More attractive than a paved grey or black surface
  • Reduces flooding risk
  • Reduces impact on drainage and sewage systems
  • Sustainable and safe for the environment

Advantages versus natural grass

  • Lifespan: A green roof increases the life of the roof covering.
  • Energy savings through thermal insulation.
  • Cleaner air through capture particulate matter.
  • Increase in value of the building itself and the surrounding buildings.
  • Relatively low weight compared to natural grass, no substructure is needed for grass to root