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Athletic Facilities

From a personal pitching mound to a private soccer club, New England Turf Store has your artificial turf needs covered. Our exclusive line of sports surfaces means maintenance-free facilities year-round for baseball, soccer, football, tennis, lacrosse and fitness facilities. Never let bad weather stop you from playing.

Indoor or outdoor, New England Turf Store’s sports products are designed to the highest specifications for safety, durability and performance. With a variety of colors and pile heights to choose from, there are several options designed to fit your budget and needs.

All of New England Turf Store sports surfaces are made from the highest quality materials and are 100% recyclable. By reducing watering, mowing and fertilizing, you’ll be saving money while you help save the environment.


  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Indoor Fields
  • Outdoor Fields
  • Pitching Mounds and Batting Cages
  • Sports training and performance facilities
  • Strength Training

Product Information


Designed with athletes in mind, SpeedTurf is a low-friction turf with a foam backing pad that absorbs energy to reduce the impact on your body.  This product is also a non-infill, meaning there is no need to do any extra groundwork as long as there’s an existing acceptable flooring already put in place. This product is easy to clean and non-abrasive which makes it the perfect surface for sled pulls, indoor shot-put/hammer training, cross-training, gym floors, weightlifting areas, indoor batting cages, and aerobics.

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Track Turf

This product is designed for durability and safety.  Like SpeedTurf this product is a non-infill turf with an energy-absorbing backing pad to reduce the impact on your body as well as the risk of injury to athletes during training.   SpeedTurf is the ideal synthetic surface for athletes in training for track and field, agility, and cross training.  Built to withstand vigorous workouts and absorb repeated impacts this artificial turf surface prevents unnecessary stress on joints and may help reduce common athletic injuries.  This product features lines that are build into the turf, eliminating seams at critical stress points to ensure maximum protection.

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The dynamic and colorful appearance combine with its inherent safety, maintenance and performance characteristics to make SYNCourt an obvious choice for all types of sports surfacing.  These modular prefabricated plastic molds easily snap together for hard-court play spaces without the need for extensive site work.


The lightweight champion of safety, Excel is constructed with both kids and training athletes in mind. Built with a durable, non-abrasive surface coupled with an energy absorbing backing pad to help reduce stress on joints and the risk of typical playtime, exercise, and practice injuries. Available in 7 colors! Download Product Specifications Sheet


This is an economical turf, which fits in great for any application, especially large applications where quality and value are significant factors. Supreme can be used both indoors and outdoors, it’s the perfect grass variety for those expecting realism and high-performance results within a budget.

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The Right Artificial Turf for Your Indoor Sports Complex

If you are planning a training facility for your school or gym or just renovating or replacing an existing field, NETS has the right products for any and all of your indoor sports surface and turf needs.

  • Training: For indoor running tracks, speed & agility training facilities like CrossFit, even golf tees, and greens
  • Turf fields: For soccer, futsal, football, lacrosse, and field hockey.
  • Non Turf Surfaces: For basketball and volleyball
  • Pet-Friendly turf: For dog and cat kennels, play areas and training facilities

25+ years of experience

With more than 25 years of experience, our knowledge of facilities and surfaces is the best in the industry.  You can see some of our indoor sports field work at:  Forekicks (Taunton, MA), Starland (Hanover, MA ), Accelerate Sports (Utica, NY) and Danvers Indoor (Danvers, MA).

We furnish & install

  • Turf
  • Rubber
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Poured-In-Place
  • In-Filled and Non-Infilled Surfaces


When it comes to artificial grass and sports surfaces for your outdoor fields and facilities, no one can beat New England Turf Store.

Our expert staff can help you choose, design and install the right surface for your school, college, or town facilities. More importantly, WE KNOW TURF!  Not all turf is the same!  Soccer turf is different than football turf and choosing the right artificial surface can make a huge difference in performance and safety.  And what about all this talk about rubber in-fill?


We can help, we have solutions.  Let us show you the differences.  Our team can help specify the right surface for your needs.
  • Turf Football Field
  • Turf Soccer Field
  • Turf Field Hockey Field
  • Turf Lacrosse Field
  • Turf Baseball Field
  • Turf Softball Field
  • Turf field for multi-sports

From design to construction, NETS can provide a complete turn-key solution to design & build your new field.  Our in-house Landscape Architect can assist you with design, layout, drainage and permitting issues.