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7 Tips for Upgrading a Stadium for Sports

A home is a haven, a sanctuary, an abode. It’s comfortable and set up with every luxury that’s affordable and desirable. For some people, this includes awesome home entertainment systems with projectors and more.

This means that stadium facilities have to try even harder to engage fans and bring them in. Even though tens of millions of fans pour into stadiums every year, attendance is still dropping. Attendance has declined at least 10% from the 2008 season to the 2018 season. 

Read on to see some tips to increase in-stadium fan engagement. 

1. Increase Wi-Fi Hot Spots and Connectivity Possibilities

Fans want to be connected to the Internet at high speeds so they can share pictures of the game, tweet to their heart’s delight, or check out scores online. It’s crucial to offer this high-speed connectivity in stadium facilities. 

2. Have Charging Stations Everywhere

One big problem with using all these devices is that even with portable battery chargers, you are prone to run out of juice soon. That’s why having charging stations at each seat, along with cup holders, is a savvy move.

3. Reduce the Gap Between the Fans and the Players

A lot of stadiums are moving towards building stadiums in a fashion that a lot more of the fans are closer to the ground. This brings them closer to their favorite players and to the excitement of the game.

4. Create a Stadium Experience That’s All-Encompassing

Fans want a full-on experience when they go to stadiums. They are not interested in only watching the game, but getting in their shopping, checking out some stores, having some food, hanging out with friends, and more. 

Also, having an indoor urban rooftop garden so harried fans can enjoy a bit of respite from the concrete jungle outside would be a great addition.

5. Make the Game More Visible With Big Scoreboards and TVs Everywhere

No one wants to squint while staring at a board far away to figure out what’s happening at ground level. It’s a bummer and a terrible in-stadium fan experience. 

6. Have Healthier Food Options for Vegan and Vegetarian Fans

The world is all about inclusivity nowadays. In fact, a lot of fans won’t show up to a stadium anymore because they can’t find any healthy food options that would suit their dietary restrictions.

Gluten, paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan diets, and more; these all need to be accommodated. 

7. Have More Inclusivity: Bring in Fans of All Genders, Races, and Sexuality

In the same vein, stadium advertising and fan engagement have to include fans of all genders, races, and sexualities.

Otherwise, not only are you being discriminatory, but you are also missing out on a huge demographic of the population that loves the sport but doesn’t feel welcome. 

Think Outside the Box to Increase in-Stadium Fan Engagement 

In the past, it might have been easy to fill up stadiums with raving fans. But nowadays, people have a lot of things pulling at their attention. 

You need to fight against all those deterrents to increase your fan base and entice your fans back to the stadium. Improving fan experience should become a priority to you.

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