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A Complete Guide To Artificial Turf Maintenance

Home ownership can be such a rewarding life experience. However, lawn maintenance can quickly transform the dream into a nightmare.

Between mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, constantly watering, and dealing with summer and springtime allergens, maybe having a big green yard isn’t for you.

But you can’t just have a lot full of dirt!

Have you ever considered artificial grass?

Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular. With all the benefits it boasts, it’s no surprise!

However, artificial doesn’t mean care-free. Some maintenance is required, but much less than a traditional yard.

Read on for our complete guide on artificial turf maintenance!

Artificial Turf Maintenance

As we suggested above, artificial turf maintenance is much simpler and easier than traditional lawn care.

You won’t be spending hours mowing in the hot sun it down or wasting gallons upon gallons of water keeping it hydrated and healthy.

Here is the simple maintenance procedure you need to do to keep your artificial turf looking fresh!

Rinse and Repeat

American households on average use over 160 gallons of water to water their lawns every day.

While you don’t need to water the lawn anymore, you do need to rinse it off, but this requires significantly less water.

All artificial grass is permeable, water from any source will be able to drain through. For the best artificial turf maintenance to keep your lawn looking fresh and clean, rinse it down once or twice a month with the hose.

This clears away dirt, debris, pollen, and other allergens carried down by the wind.

Cross Rake

Just like a normal lawn, your artificial turf can get trampled down and matted. To keep it looking nice and spry, use a plastic rake and cross-rake the turf. Don’t use a metal rake as it can be damaging to the fibers of the yard.

This is more of an aesthetic measure for artificial turf maintenance, but still an important one for keeping it look as natural and healthy as possible.

Clean Up Messes

Your artificial lawn will be susceptible to a myriad of messes. Animals, kids, friends and family BBQ’s, and weather can all create messes for you to clean up.

Unlike a natural lawn, however, spilled beer and soda, dog waste, and food won’t naturally go away. It’s best to clean up these messes as quickly as possible.

Certain spills can stain the fibers of your turf and some foods will stick to it. Household cleaners will generally do the trick.

For dog waste, wait for it to dry so it doesn’t smear, then scoop it up. For urine, it will drain naturally, but rinsing it down with a hose will eliminate odors.

Clear Out Debris

Finally, for artificial turf maintenance, keep it clear of debris. Leaves, sticks, and other things carried over by weather or littering can potentially harm your turf.

For big pieces like branches, you can pick them up by hand. However, for leaves and smaller debris, use your plastic rake. You can also use a leaf blower or lawn vacuum.

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