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Artificial Grass: How to Install Turf for Your Porch

Artificial grass is quietly increasing in popularity. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to a grass lawn, which wastes water and uses fertilizer for its upkeep. However, did you know that it’s also an excellent floor cover for other surfaces as well?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of lush grass beneath your bare feet. So why not bring that feeling to your porch, deck, or balcony? With different colors and styles, artificial turf for porches can enhance the aesthetics of your home.

It also doesn’t need watering, trimming, or the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Your kids and pets will also love it.

However, if this DIY project looks intimidating, don’t worry. We’ll guide you through the artificial turf installation step-by-step so keep reading!

1. Checking and Preparing the Surface

The first step is to determine the type of surface you have on your porch. You can set up synthetic grass virtually on every hard surface, but take care if you’re laying it on a wooden deck. Make sure that the planks have enough gaps in between or the wood may be in danger of rotting.

You also have to check if your flooring has good drainage. Address the drainage issues before installation. If it rains, you don’t want the water to pool because it may damage the turf.

Also, check if the floor has uneven sections. If you have uneven areas, you’re gonna have to fill them up with a foam underlay.

Once you’ve properly assessed the porch surface, the next step is to clean it. You can use a broom or you can hose it down with water. Using a hose is also a good opportunity to figure out if your porch has adequate drainage.

2. Installing the Artificial Turf for Porches

Placing a synthetic cover on your porch is similar to turf installation for lawns. The only difference is that most of the groundwork is already done and all that’s left is the actual installation.

Roll out and lay down the turf on the floor surface. Make sure that you stretch out each piece of artificial turf and that the blades of the fake grass are bending in the same direction. Trim the excess turf using a utility knife or a carpet cutter.

Once the sides have been cut, you can glue the perimeter or nail it down if you have a wooden deck. If joining two pieces of turf together, use joining tape or artificial grass tape.

You want to limit the areas that are glued down to allow water to drain properly. However, pay special attention to the entrances of your porch. Make sure that the edges of the turf are held down tight to prevent tripping hazards.

3. Grooming

After installing your synthetic turf, we recommend that you brush the new area. You can use a power broom to provide a “bloom” effect to the grass. You can also use a carpet rake or a stiff broom.

Maintenance is barely an inconvenience. You can use a leaf blower for stray leaves or you can hose off any “accident” that your dog might leave on your porch.

Green Everywhere

With this guide for installing artificial turf for porches, you can make your house stand out from the rest. Your green, new and improved porch will provide hours of enjoyment and relaxation for your friends, families, and pets!

How did artificial turfs come about? If you’re curious, then check out this brief history of artificial grass.