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Artificial Turf in 2020: Why It Is the Perfect Alternative to Real Grass

It’s not uncommon to see real grass lawns covering entire neighborhoods throughout America. In fact, there are about 40 million acres of lawn in the contiguous United States. However, considering the state of environmental health in the world today, is real grass still a realistic option?

Not only do lawns require a significant amount of water, but also gas for lawnmowers and fertilizer for nutrients. One lawn may not seem like a huge burden, but that one lawn is part of a 40 million-acre problem. 

Artificial grass is an alternative to the real grass problem. Find out more about using artificial grass below.

It Saves Time

Real grass is a pain in the … butt. Homeowners have to dedicate a significant amount of their personal time trying to keep it alive. 

Over the course of your life, you could spend as much as 70 hours a year maintaining a real grass lawn. That’s quality time taken away from family or other necessary duties.

The time spent maintaining a real grass lawn can also add more stress to your life. Instead, you can spend that time doing relaxing activities with friends and family.

It Saves Money

Time is money and money is money. Real grass takes a real cut out of both. Real grass will affect your wallet for years and years to come. 

The initial investment in artificial grass might deter some homeowners. Yes, seed or sod for real grass is often cheaper in the beginning. However, the maintenance costs are much higher. Water, gas, and fertilizer over the years can easily add up to much more than the initial cost of artificial grass installation.

One of the best parts of artificial grass ownership is the warranty. Should something happen within your warranty, you don’t have to worry.

Real grass, however, is usually on the homeowner. You’ll have to spend even more money diagnosing and fixing lawn problems.

It Saves the Environment

Owning artificial grass is something a person can feel proud of. It’s a conscious choice to spare the waterways and water ecosystems from toxic fertilizer chemicals. It’s a conscious choice to reduce water consumption. It’s a conscious choice to help improve the environment for everyone.

You can even find artificial grass made of recycled materials. Artificial grass lawns look great without the sacrifice of time, money, and environmental welfare. It will ease the social pressure neighbors can put on the state of your lawn. 

Choosing Artificial Grass Over Real Grass

Real grass was real nice — until it wasn’t anymore. The world is changing and homeowners have to evolve with it to ensure a happy, healthy planet for everyone. Choosing artificial grass over real grass is one simple way to contribute to a better world — it can even make your life a little easier and more convenient. 

Artificial grass is perfect for sports, leisure, playgrounds, or professional settings. Don’t hesitate to contact us about our products and services.