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Beautify Your Lawn in Framingham: Artificial Turf

You can have a green lawn all year round! Call us today at the New England Turf Store to learn more about artificial grass. Framingham, MA, is the ideal location for your project.

The seasons in Framingham, Massachusetts, are beautiful, but the cold winter climate makes it a challenge to keep your yard green and weed-free during those long winter months, let alone year-round. However, our professional team at New England Surf Store can enable you to have a lush, green yard throughout the year with very little lawn maintenance. 

Today’s human-made grass and turf come in many styles and colors suited to all your landscaping needs. At The New England Turf Store, we will install synthetic turf and grass products to fit your budget and make your entire yard in Framingham, Massachusetts, beautiful and virtually maintenance-free.

Check out our customer reviews and learn more about how we can help you rejuvenate your yard.

Should I Use Synthetic Turf or Synthetic Grass?

Grass and turf may seem to be describing the same greens product, but they are different when it comes to the specifics of these synthetic products. The one you need to use depends on what type of property you have in Framingham, Massachusetts, and how you plan to use your yard. 

Framingham homeowners looking to improve their yard and add curb appeal to their home will want to choose a synthetic grass product. It has a variety of pile depths and colors, duplicating the look and feel of real grass. Synthetic green grass is easy to care for, requiring little more than a light sweeping to clear away autumn leaves and debris.

Synthetic turf is more typical of what you would expect to see with traditional green turf. Well-suited to athletic fields (sports turf), golf greens, commercial areas, and near swimming pools, artificial turf is tougher than synthetic grass, largely because its pile is shorter. Synthetic turf is also low-maintenance and needs only occasional brushing to keep the fibers up. Proper drainage is essential to prevent mold and moss from growing.

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Grass?

Lush and green in every season, artificial grass has more to offer than simply being beautiful year-round.  Artificial grass frees up your time, your money, and your peace of mind, especially when it comes to keeping your family safe and protecting the environment.

Some of the benefits of having an artificial grass lawn include:

  • Does not require any water or fertilizer to keep it healthy, so it aids in water conservation
  • Does not require pesticides or weed-killers, keeping humans and animals safer
  • Saves you money – no more mowing, maintenance, and replanting
  • Lasts for as long as 15 years and is easy to replace

Check out all the benefits of artificial grass and turf products and learn more about us at the New England Turf Store. Be sure to call us at (781) 821-0112, or check out our website!

Can I Install Artificial Grass in Framingham Myself?

Yes, you can! Our team at New England Turf Store offers many informative videos, both on our website and our Youtube channel, that will help you to install your own artificial grass. We list the materials you will need and can arrange for delivery of the base or aggregate materials to help you lay a good foundation surface. Our grass installers can assist you with turf installation and in choosing the best surface materials and grass for your Framingham home projects.

The lawn you’ve always dreamed of is right around the corner! For more information about artificial turf installation and our many available artificial turf solutions for your landscaping, please call us at the New England Turf Store of Framingham, MA, today at (781) 821-0112 for a free quote!