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Best Sports-Related Uses for Indoor Artificial Turf at Your Facility

If you’re running an indoor sporting facility, it’s important to maximize the potential uses of your space. One of the best ways to increase the uses of your facility is by installing artificial turf.

Read on to learn about the best sports uses for indoor artificial turf, and how to get the best turf installation for your facility. 

Indoor Soccer

You can’t play soccer without grass, or at least something similar to grass. While street soccer can be fun, there’s nothing like feeling the green beneath your feet and being able to slide on defense or dive as a goalie. 

If you want to have an indoor soccer league, you’re going to need artificial turf. It provides the grassy feel of a soccer field, but inside.

Ultimate Frisbee

Another sport that just feels better on grass, ultimate frisbee requires too much running, jumping, and diving to be played on hard floors. 

Playing ultimate frisbee inside is great, as not only can you control the temperature, but you eliminate the risk of high winds, which can completely derail a game. You can play ultimate frisbee on the same indoor artificial turf that you use for indoor soccer!

Putting Greens

Looking to practice your golf game all year round? Installing a putting green made of artificial turf in your indoor facility can greatly expand your clientele during the winter months. 

If you have space, you can even use the artificial turf to install an entire miniature golf course that can be used at any time of the year. Big or small, using artificial turf for an indoor putting green is a smart move for your facility or even your home. 

Gym Equipment

While you don’t necessarily think of artificial turf when you envision a workout at the gym, it can actually be quite useful. It provides traction and padding, which can be extremely useful for high-intensity workouts.

If you integrate short sprints, pushups, or anything else that involves the ground, having artificial turf rather than pads can create a more comfortable atmosphere. 

Training Facilities

Even sports that are played outdoors can benefit from indoor artificial turf. If you’re training for sports like football in the offseason, you’re going to want to spend some of that time indoors, where the weather and temperature is regulated. 

Artificial turf replicates the feel of the grass athletes normally play on, making it ideal for training exercises such as running, passing, and catching drills. 

Get Your Indoor Artificial Turf

Now that you know how many great uses indoor artificial turf has for sporting activities, it’s time to invest in some for your facility. Luckily you’re already at the right place. 

New England Turf Store is your best option for artificial turf in the region. Whether you’re looking to get some artificial turf to play around with, or install a whole soccer field or putting green, your local source for artificial turf is right here.