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Buying the Right Kind of Turf for Sports

There’s no substitute for the perfect turf when it comes to playing sports. It can transform a game along with the maintenance of your field. Leaving you with an easy-to-care-for and affordable alternative to real grass.

When it comes to playing sports having the right kind of turf is vital. Here’s how to select the right kind of turf for sports.

Why Synthetic Turf for Sports?

If you’re stuck on natural grass, then you may be in for an expensive and labor-intensive year. Authentic grass may look beautiful and green when you first install it but that’s not going to last year-round.

Plus, if you want to keep it looking healthy and even, maintenance is going to get expensive. Paying for a synthetic alternative will save you the cost of a mower and other lawn care. 

But there’s more to synthetic turf than just its affordability. 

Improve Performance

Turf fields are easier to keep clear which means you won’t have to cancel a game due to bad weather. Plus, there are different types of turf to help players improve their performance as well as safety.

For example, SpeedTurf is a low friction turf that has a foam backing pad. This absorbs energy and reduces the impact on your body. Turf fields are non-abrasive to avoid severe cuts and scrapes. 

There are also different types of artificial turfs that are geared towards specific sports. Turf is designed to withstand heavy impact so it maintains its support even after repeated use. For example, track turf is specifically designed to prevent unnecessary stress on your joints.

Set It and Forget It

Turf is low maintenance and won’t need as much care as grass for sports does. The non-infill turf does not need any extra groundwork to install as long as there is a flooring already in place. 

You can also choose to install modular prefabricated plastic molds that simply snap into place on hard-court play spaces. These provide a shock-absorbent surface instantly for all types of sports surfacing.

It Looks Good

Synthetic turf works for both indoor and outdoor sports. It makes for a visually appealing clean field that will stay that way! It also feels great to run and play on and can be used for a variety of sports. 

Your athletic facility will instantly look professional and impressive with a brand new turf field. It will always look green and fresh no matter what time of the year. You can even choose from a variety of styles and colors to match your brand and even add your logo.

Its non-abrasive surface makes it easier for athletes to make quick movements and change directions without hurting themselves.

You Can’t Beat Turf For Sports

We hope that this information has helped you better decide on the right turf for sports. Synthetic turf is the way to go for your sports. Not only for its great look and low maintenance but for the safety of the athletes.

If you’d like help picking out synthetic turf for your facility in New England, then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. You can get a free consultation here.