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Create a Gorgeous Lawn in Newton: Artificial Turf

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The yellowing turf of the past is no more! Today’s synthetic grass products are high-tech and are available in a variety of colors and heights to suit all of your lawn and landscaping needs. Your Newton lawn can be beautiful, low-maintenance, and safe year-round when you hire us to install artificial turf. 

At the New England Turf Store of Newton, MA, we have a range of synthetic turf products to enhance your property. From accent areas to total lawn replacement, we can work with any budget to provide an ideal landscaping solution for Massachusetts homeowners. 

Please find out more about how we have improved and cared for lawns and properties in and around Newton by reading our customer reviews.

Is it Synthetic Turf or Synthetic Grass?

Though the two words are often used interchangeably, synthetic turf and synthetic grass (Also known as artificial grass) are actually different solutions, though both are human-made. Synthetic grass consists of plastic, grass-like fibers that manufacturers stitch to a backing. Most grass backing is either polyurethane or latex. Much like a carpet, this artificial grass offers Newton-area homeowners the curb appeal of a regular lawn without the maintenance that natural yards require.

Synthetic turf is similar to synthetic grass products in many ways, although it is rougher, with a shorter pile that makes it better suited to areas where comfort is not a priority. Athletic fields, golf greens, commercial areas, and even swimming pool areas are ideal locations for this type of artificial grass.

What are the Benefits of Artificial Turf or Grass?

One of the most obvious benefits of artificial grass is that the grass is truly always greener. While grass attached to sod becomes dormant and looks unappealing around local homes during the long Massachusetts winter, artificial grass remains green and beautiful year-round. 

Other benefits to having an artificial turf solution for your yard include:

  • Requiring no water 
  • Requiring low maintenance
  • Providing value with little cost
  • Long-lasting and easy to replace

When it’s time to replace your artificial grass, it is less expensive than replacing sod or a grass-seeded yard. Plus, you may recycle for other uses the turf you replace around your property, such as covering a dog run or creating a weed-free path through the garden. 

If you live in the Newton, MA, area and want to learn more about us, please give us a call at 781-821-0112.

Are Artificial Turf or Grass Products Safe for the Environment?

Unlike living grass lawns, artificial turf requires no chemicals, such as fertilizer or weed-killing products, to maintain it. That means you will have no environmental concerns about run-off contaminating water sources or harming animals. It also means that your kids and pets can safely enjoy the lawn, too. 

Maintaining synthetic lawns is also eco-friendly. Simply sweeping away debris with a manual broom will have your yard looking fresh, eliminating the need for any powered mowing equipment. 

At New England Turf Store, our versatile artificial turf products can safely cover lawn and landscape surfaces everywhere, even in high-traffic and sloping areas or for grass fields. Not only are they 100% recyclable, but they are free of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals, including lead.

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