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Dedham Artificial Turf

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We New Englanders experience many difficulties when caring for grass in Massachusetts. All of the hard work we put in during spring and summer while performing lawn maintenance gets wiped away once the snow begins to fall. It’s enough to make all of us wonder if Dedham might not represent the best location for natural grass landscapes. 

Fortunately, there’s another option. The New England Turf Store serves the Dedham area as one of several lawn installation companies that use artificial grass turf products. We design every project with the goal of enhancing the curb appeal and increasing the property value of our clients’ residential and commercial properties in Dedham, Massachusetts. 

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What Is Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is an environmentally friendly, synthetic grass that homeowners and businesses use to beautify their properties and cut back on maintenance costs. The artificial grass that our professional installers use, SYNLawn, is made with recyclable plastic and processed soybean pods, creating a lawn that feels soft and appears like natural grass.

The artificial grass we use represents the cutting edge of synthetic turf, utilizing the following technological advances: 

  • EnviroLoc Backing System – Locks in turf fibers for increased durability
  • HeatBlock Technology – Reflects sunlight for up to 20% less heat retention
  • Super Yarn Technology – Adds antimicrobial, IR reflective, and anti-static properties

What Is Artificial Turf Used For?

Artificial turf has countless applications. Our professional installers at the New England Turf Store have placed artificial grass everywhere that our business clients and homeowners would normally need natural grass. But, we’ve also installed synthetic grass products in places that people may not consider at first.

Some of the residential artificial grass applications selected by homeowners include:

  • Lawns and landscapes
  • Playgrounds
  • Pet areas
  • Putting greens
  • Rooftop decks

Our business clients have installed synthetic grass for:

  • New commercial building construction
  • Athletic facilities
  • Training areas and race track interiors
  • Golf facilities
  • Vertical gardens
  • Rooftops

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Turf?

Maintaining a yard in Dedham, Massachusetts takes a lot of work. Grass only grows well for part of the year and dies off once it begins snowing. 

It also costs a lot of money to grow natural grass. As the price of gasoline increases, it becomes more costly to run your lawnmower. Plus, you have to consider the rising prices of water and fertilizer.

While saving time and money represent the main benefits of artificial grass, there are several others. Artificial grass is also:

  • Environmentally friendly because it uses recycled materials and reduces petroleum consumption
  • Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and non-toxic, making it safe for children and pets
  • Durable enough to last well over a decade

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