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Does Artificial Grass Need to Be Watered? All You Need to Know about Turf Maintenance

More people are adding artificial grass to their homes, leading to industry growth of nearly $3 billion annually in the US. It seems low-maintenance and easy to maintain, but is it a good idea for your lawn?

There are several great reasons artificial turf is growing in popularity. It’s great for sports venues and doesn’t need lots of unhealthy pesticides are just a few of those reasons.

But as far as maintenance goes, is it like having a regular grass lawn? Do you have to water turf made from plastic and recycled tires?

The short answer is yes, but not for the reasons you think. Let’s look at why your artificial lawn needs a little water from time to time.

Cool it Down

Unlike regular grass, your artificial turf isn’t going to grow. Also unlike regular grass, turf doesn’t absorb heat.

In order to cool it down, it helps to spray it down with water from time to time. Break out the hose and sprinkler on hot days or right before you play sports on it.

Minimize Pollen, Dust, and Debris

Regular grass thrives in the dirt, of course. Artificial grass doesn’t need any dirt but it does need a little help to stay clean.

Dirt, pollen, and dust can easily become airborne if they’re not rinsed away. During pollen season, in spring and fall, hose off your lawn to keep allergies to a minimum.

Clean it Up

When you install artificial turf, you’re laying down essentially a carpet on your lawn. This carpet is made of plastic, rubber, and recycled materials instead of yarn and soft fibers.

When a mess happens on a grass lawn, it can be difficult to wipe away a spill. With an artificial lawn, all you need is a little water and TLC.

To tackle any spills, messes, and stains, try spot cleaning or hosing down the area. Talk to your turf installation company to see if they have special detergent or soap that you can also use for especially sticky situations.

Freshen Up your Lawn

Your grass needs a refresher every few weeks. Watering artificial grass is part of maintaining its look. 

First, take a leaf blower or a rake and brush off any big debris that’s accumulated on your lawn. Next, if you see something sticky like gum, carefully try peeling it up with a hard edge, like a credit card or pocket knife.

Water your lawn to clean it off and spruce it up. Talk to your installer to see if it’s safe to use a mixture of water and vinegar to kill bacteria or if they have a detergent they recommend.

After your lawn dries off, go over it with a rake again. This fluffs up the blades and gives your grass a perky, fresh appearance.

Watering Your Artificial Grass

Taking care of artificial grass is a lot easier than regular grass in some respects. It definitely doesn’t need as much water but it still needs to be hosed down every few weeks or so.

Still, have more questions about artificial lawns? We’d be happy to answer them — reach out to us any time!