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Let’s Play! 5 Benefits of Playground Turf

Some of kids’ happiest moments involve playing on playgrounds: that dizzying first trip down the spiral slide, the sensation of swinging so high it feels like they can touch the sky with their toes. Even running through the grass with friends, the family golden retriever giving chase, getting lost in imaginative adventures: these are some of the brightest memories of summertime and childhood.

Staying safe during these hours of play isn’t as important to children, but safety certainly matters to their parents. That’s why the best choice is playground turf — whether at a municipal play area or right in your family’s own backyard! Read on to learn five reasons why.

1. It’s Safer and More Comfortable

Many play areas use bark chips, pea gravel, packed dirt, or even concrete underneath play structures. You can just imagine what it feels like to fall from the monkey bars onto any of these surfaces!

In fact, some 200,000 children visit emergency departments and urgent care facilities each year due to playground accidents and injuries. Why not minimize that risk by using artificial turf rather than dangerous alternatives?

Of course, artificial grass is also a lot more comfortable, even when kids are just sitting down. Whether they’re having a tea party or taking a break from more rough and tumble play, this type of turf is the clear, comfy choice.

2. Playground Turf Stays Put

Another aspect of gravel, sand, or wood chips? It has a way of getting — well, everywhere except where it’s supposed to be. This makes the playground much less safe and pleasant to play on, since the bedding and fall protection material isn’t there in adequate amounts.

It’s also an annoyance and inconvenience. No one wants to be picking gravel or bark chips out of their socks, shoes, clothing, cars, backpacks, or picnic baskets.

3. There’s Much Less Mess

Even when another surface, like packed dirt, sand, or real grass, is used underneath a play structure or in a play area, it’s still pretty messy. Dirt turns into mud, while sand seems impossible to get out of your clothes.

And natural grass? Well, that leads to grass stains. There’s a reason that laundry detergent companies use grass stains, along with red wine and chocolate sauce, in their commercials. They’re difficult to get out of clothes.

4. Artificial Grass Means No Allergies

If you’ve ever known anyone with allergies or hay fever, you know how miserable they can make you. This is perhaps particularly true for children, since parents certainly don’t want their kids taking a lot of medication that makes them drowsy.

Artificial turf is non-allergenic, making it a godsend for parents of sensitive or hay fever suffering kids.

5. It Is (Almost) Maintenance-Free

With this type of lawn, there’s no mowing! Need we say more?

OK, it’s true that playground turf does need the occasional rinse with a hose, and maybe some raking to keep the fibers looking and functioning their best. But all in all, it requires a lot less upkeep than natural grass or other alternatives.

At the End of the Day

You want your kids to be safe and comfortable, but also carefree and having fun. Playground turf ticks all of those boxes and more.

Learn more about the benefits and applications of artificial grass. Have questions? Give New England Turf Store a call today at (781) 821-0112.