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Artificial Grass in Weston, MA

With New England’s volatile climate, homeowners and athletic facilities across the Weston, MA area need not worry about maintaining a flourishing lawn all year round. For top-notch solutions that won’t break your budget or timeline, get in touch with new experts at New England Turf Store! Offering superior quality products coupled with quick installations and unparalleled customer service – we make transforming any outdoor space into something special easier than ever before. Explore our gallery to discover inspiring ideas for crafting the perfect sports field or landscape of your dreams today!

Why Choose Artificial Turf

Enjoy the lush feel and look of natural turf while avoiding injuries associated with traditional grass! Thanks to revolutionary synthetic materials, sensors now provide feedback on speed and agility. We proudly offer a wide selection of diverse artificial grass options – all tailored around any budget. Start experiencing more benefits than ever before today!

Artificial Grass in Weston, MA

Artificial Grass: Different Uses

Artificial Turf has gravitated beyond sports venues into residential settings, as homeowners are recognizing its benefits for outdoor spaces. With low upkeep required, larger gardens with vibrant green hues become possible – transforming yards from a high-maintenance burden to an alluring retreat at any time of year! More than just providing optimal aesthetics, artificial grass reduces water bills and pest control services,while also creating safe playgrounds suitable even for pets. A well-maintained lawn is now within reach anytime without the usual associated costs – thanks to this revolutionary solution that offers both practicality and beauty together in one package.

Create a luxurious outdoor living space without investing considerable time in maintaining it. Artificial turf provides an exquisite, realistic look with minimal upkeep, meaning more time to create memories with family and friends!


Artificial turf has become the ideal choice for commercial sports courts and indoor athletic fields due to its enhanced durability, improved performance, minimal maintenance needs, and long-term cost savings. Building operators can customize artificial surfaces according to any size or shape parameters while still providing excellent drainage systems. This type of surface system provides an optimal solution for property owners looking to maximize value without sacrificing premier amenities, as maintaining artificial turf takes a fraction of time to care for than that required by traditional grass.

Artificial Grass in Weston, MA

To begin your artificial turf installation project, contact our Canton office today. We will answer your questions regarding the ins and outs of your artificial grass project in Weston, MA. You may also schedule an in-office consultation.

Our consultation is designed to provide you with the tools necessary for constructing your artificial grass dream. We will craft innovative sample designs that fit perfectly into your vision and goals, then work on installing them at your property once they have been approved!

You can begin your artificial grass proposal in Weston,MA , by calling New England Turf Store and setting up a consultation with our talented artificial grass team members. The number to reach us at is (781) 821-0112.