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No More Muddy Shoes: Top 5 Uses For Artificial Grass

Do you miss the feeling of rolling around in fresh, green grass as a kid but don’t want to stain your shirt green? Does your child have a hard time playing outside on the lawn because she’s allergic to nature’s turf?

Do you want to create a modern outdoor aesthetic that will draw jaws at your garden party?

Artificial turf might be the answer to your concerns. There are many varieties and ways in which artificial grass is used. It can be a safer, cheaper, and lower maintenance alternative to living grass in many different circumstances.

Did you know that some artificial grasses use an infill that is made from shredded car tires? What a way to reuse discarded material and be even more eco-friendly!

So what are some of the uses for artificial grass? Keep reading to find out our Top 5 and start thinking about your new turf today.

1. Do It for Your Dog

Do you have a beautiful backyard that is full of dried out pale yellow spots because of your beloved canine? Are you tired of him digging holes and disrupting your lawn on a daily basis.

Your backyard is one of the greatest uses for artificial turf. It’s much easier to clean in case your pet has an accident, and it won’t ruin or dry out the blades. Your pup will soon realize he can’t dig through it.

Artificial grass is also a healthier option for your pets because there isn’t a need for pesticides and weedkillers. Opt for a grass made of nylon fibers so that it can withstand all the traffic from your pup’s paws.

Check out all the ways we can help make your pup’s life infinitely better by picking a turf that is chosen and installed specifically for her.

2. Playgrounds

Playgrounds can be a dangerous place. Did you know that every year in the United States, about 200,000 children visit the emergency room because of playground injuries?

There are many materials used at the base of play structures from concrete to gravel to dirt. These materials can get pushed around and filled with grime and garbage.

If your child were to suffer a tumble, wouldn’t you rather it be artificial grass and NOT concrete? Artificial grass is a safer option.

It also stays in place and is much easier to clean and maintain.

3. Pool Surroundings

Surrounding your outdoor pool with concrete can be hot to the touch and uncomfortable to sit on. Many kids scrape their knees and suffer other injuries around the pool area.

Putting it around your pool is one of the best applications for artificial grass. It will give your pool area a natural and peaceful vibe and help to keep things comfortable and cool.

4. Balcony Surface

Many people don’t have the luxury or space for a backyard or a pool. But you can do wonders with your balcony to give it that outdoorsy touch.

Installing artificial turf on your balcony can give you that backyard aesthetic you’ve been craving.

5. Outdoor Chairs or Furniture

Do you want your employees to feel like they can enjoy some outdoors on their lunch break?

Covering chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture can be a clever, modern, natural way to make your outdoor space more enticing. Plus you’ll impress everyone with your creativity.

There Are Many Uses for Artificial Grass

There aren’t really any cons when thinking about uses for artificial grass. It’s a cheaper alternative that can be safer and is much easier to maintain. It’s eco-friendly, soft, and much easier to use.

Our turf is safe for playgrounds, athletic areas, and commercial and residential areas alike.

Call us or click here to find out why our artificial turf will work for you.