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Putting the Green in Boston: Artificial Turf and Grass

New England Turf Store has been providing residences and commercial properties with artificial turf and grass for the past 30 years! Call us today for a free consultation.

The Houston Astros were the first team in the United States to use synthetic turf. In 1966, the Houston Astros played against the Phillies at the Astrodome. Both teams played their first game on artificial turf carrying the AstroTurf brand. Other major sports leagues—and Hollywood—began to catch on to the popular synthetic turf products.

Artificial Grass vs. Turf: What’s the Difference?

While people sometimes speak of “synthetic grass” and “synthetic turf” interchangeably, they are different based on their composition and use. Both types of artificial grass products are quickly replacing natural grass in the sports and landscaping industries.


Installing artificial grass, by design, is common in landscaping—it is generally taller and more voluminous than the more closely-cropped turf. You frequently find it on lawns since homeowners love it for its low-maintenance, pet-friendly surface. Can you imagine the ease of having artificial grass on your Boston-area lawn, with the kids playing and the dog romping happily?


In contrast, low-maintenance artificial turf—commonly found today in athletic settings, like golf courses or soccer fields—is shorter, more brush-like, and more abrasive.  A putting green is a perfect spot for artificial turf in Boston, Massachusetts, since the balls can roll much more smoothly toward the holes. 

In Boston, MA, Contact New England Turf Store 

Both manmade turf and grass products are cost-effective and practical options for homes and business in Boston, Massachusetts. Why let athletic teams tear up grass in sports just to replace it? Why not have a durable, low-maintenance turf surface that is ready for impact? And forget watering the grass and tearing up weeds–you can save precious time and be kind to your wallet with a one-time installation of artificial green grass on your Boston lawn.

Read our customer success stories to see how New England Turf Store in Canton, Massachusetts, has helped your friends in the Boston area with their synthetic products for their lawns. 

Advantages of Synthetic Grass Products 

Artificial grass and synthetic turf are eco-friendly alternatives to real grass. Say goodbye to high water bills and hello to more free time and less upkeep spent to replace sod. While the price of synthetic grasses may concern you at first glance, just think about how much money you would be saving in the long run. Other advantages of artificial grass and turf include:

✓ Non-toxic

✓ Allergen-free

✓ Realistic in look

✓ Not water-wasting

✓ Lasting 15 – 25 years

✓ No chemical residues

✓ Minimal maintenance

✓ Less slippery when wet

✓ Always looks well-manicured

Residential and Commercial Artificial Turf in Boston, MA

Do you need artificial grass or synthetic turf, but you can’t figure out where or how to use it? We have some ideas for both residential and business sites.

  • Dog or Pet Turf
  • Landscaping
  • Playgrounds
  • Theme parks
  • Putting greens
  • Green walls
  • Golfing facilities
  • Athletic complexes
  • Architecture projects
  • Rooftops & balconies
  • Agility training & track

Additional Site Services

While New England Turf Store is the synthetic grass expert for lawns, the company offers many other services to help you with any outdoor project, not just your lawn. Our skilled team is ready to jump in with work that includes:

  • Walls
  • Drainage
  • Paver patios
  • Snow plowing
  • Landscape design
  • Excavation & installation

Contact us for a free estimate. We would love to learn more about your project!

Restore Your Outdoor Space with Synthetic Grass from New England Turf Store in Boston, MA

If you have a home or business in or around the Boston area, call 781-821-0112 to speak with an experienced team member at New England Turf Store. Don’t lose hope in revamping your home or business’ outdoor living space—we can help you find the perfect solution.