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Turf is high-tech and made so well it looks and feels like the real thing, only better. Available in an array of colors and various heights to suit all your landscaping needs, synthetic turf makes for a low-maintenance, beautiful yard all year long.

New England Turf Store of Somerville, MA offers various synthetic turf products to enhance your residential or commercial property. From pet turf in dog runs, city accent areas and a putting green to complete grass fields replacement, we are ready to work with you and your budget to make your space beautiful.

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Artificial Turf or Artificial Grass – Which Is It?

There are some notable differences between the two, though they are often used interchangeably.

Synthetic grass is made of plastic fibers made to look and feel like natural grass. These are stitched to a backing, resulting in a carpet-like product that is laid down in much the same way as carpet, too. It is a maintenance-free way to add curb appeal to your location without the seeding, fertilizing, and other care required for natural grass and sod.

Artificial turf is similar but rougher and has a shorter pile. Its toughness and height make it best suited to areas where fake grass is wanted, but the grass’s feel isn’t important. Sports turf, commercial areas, a putting green, or a Somerville swimming pool are places where artificial turf installation is ideal.

Is Artificial Turf Beneficial?

Though its beauty is its main attraction, artificial grass has more to offer than a lush green appearance all year-round. Without the need for regular maintenance, synthetic grass will save you money, free more time to spend with family, and even helps the environment.

Some of the benefits of an artificial grass lawn include:

  •   Artificial turf lasts a long time, as long as 15 years, before replacement is needed.
  •   Artificial turf requires no mowing or reseeding, so it saves you money.
  •   Artificial turf keeps your pet and family safer, with no weed-killers or pesticides needed for its maintenance.

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What About the Environment? Is Artificial Grass Safe?

Artificial turf and synthetic grass need no fertilizer or weed-killer to preserve and maintain them. This eliminates the danger of chemical run-off contaminating the water or harming animals or essential insects such as honey bees. It also makes the lawn a safer place for kids and pets to enjoy.

Maintenance is also eco-friendly, eliminating the need for powered equipment to keep fake grass looking good. Instead, you just sweep debris gently away.

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From quality design and planning to synthetic turf installation and upkeep, the New England Turf Store of Somerville, MA can install artificial turf give you the yard you’ve been dreaming of. Ready to make that happen? Call us today at (781) 821-0112 to request a consultation about your project!