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Turfing Timeline: A Complete Overview of the Turf Installation Process

Are you sick of spending hours maintaining your lawn just to have your grass die during hot summers or freezing winters? If so, artificial turf is your best bet.

Adding turf to your backyard comes with a number of advantages, including little to no maintenance and a great appearance all year. In addition, turf provides the perfect landscape for children and pets.

If you’ve chosen to make the switch, you need to understand what the turf installation process is like. Keep reading to find out.

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

Depending on the size of your lawn, installing turf shouldn’t take more than a week. Planning in advance will ensure the process runs smoothly.

Drainage is a major consideration. A professional will need to evaluate whether your current drainage system will suffice. If it won’t, they may have to make additional modifications.

Planning also involves accounting for the existing design elements of your yard. It may be necessary to work on borders and edges first.

Preparing Your Lawn

After the planning stage is complete, your yard will need to go through a transformation.

Removing grass, mulch, roots, rocks, and other debris is a must. This ensures the turf goes down easily and remains even.

If you have a lot of trees and landscaping, this process may take a bit longer. However, attention to detail will show in the end product.

The Foundation

Before the turf gets installed, it’s necessary to establish a base. This foundation helps support the turf and is also crucial for proper drainage.

The material used for the base varies. You could use either crushed stone or decomposed granite. This foundation must get spread evenly over your yard to ensure a level surface.

After the base goes down, it gets compacted. This prevents the turf from depressing in certain areas down the road.

Turf Installation

After completing the base, the turf is ready to get installed. This involves rolling the measured turf out over your yard and securing it.

It’s important the turf gets stretched to prevent wrinkling. It may also require additional trimming so it fits and looks seamless throughout your lawn.

The last step in installing the turf involves securing it with landscaping nails or staples. These will hold the turf in place and keep it even.

Adding Infill

Added infill material is the final step. This protects artificial turf from the elements. It also helps keep the turf flat.

This process doesn’t take long. It’s similar to spreading fertilizer on a lawn.

Infill is made from either rubber or sand and must go down evenly throughout your lawn. In addition to protecting the turf from the elements, it also works to combat pet odors.

Turf Installation Done Right

When it’s time to make the switch to artificial grass, let a professional take care of the job. They’ll perform each step of the turf installation with care and expertise.

You may not get to use your backyard for the better part of the week while the installation takes place, but the payoff is worth it.

We provide turf installation to homeowners, sports facilities, and colleges. Learn more today.