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Understanding Artificial Turf Costs And How To Save On Your Yard Maintenance

You look outside on a hot summer day and notice large brown spots all over your yard.

Sprinklers have been running every morning but parts of your yard are still not getting enough water to survive. 

What if you could have green grass all the time? How would you feel about not having to mow your lawn anymore?  

Keep reading to learn about artificial turf costs and benefits of turf for your yard.

Artificial Turf Costs: An Investment

Artificial turf costs more upfront than a traditional lawn but think of it as an investment into the future of your home and landscaping. 

There are many annual costs that come with having a green lawn every year, whether you mow your own lawn or hire a lawn service to help you maintain it. You spend money on water, fertilizer, gas for your mower, etc. Every few years you likely need to make repairs to your mower or purchase a new one. 

These are all costs that you will no longer have to worry about if you invested in artificial turf. 

The average cost to install artificial turf is $12 per square foot. This can fluctuate based on labor costs and the type of material you choose. 

Green Grass All Year

By purchasing artificial turf, you can have the perfectly manicured lawn year-round you have always wanted! The unpredictable weather of the Northeast no longer has to be a stressor for your lawn. 

A big reason that homeowners and businesses are choosing artificial turf is to get the look of green grass without using thousands of gallons of water throughout the year. 


We offer pet-friendly artificial turf. You won’t have to worry about your pets tracking dirt or mud into your home and creating brown spots all over your lawn.

We work with you to find the ideal mix of artificial grass, installation, and maintenance schedule to meet your needs. This will help keep your pets away from fleas and ticks that often are hidden in a regular grass lawn. We offer upgrades to ensure the turf is durable for your pets that like to dig in the grass.

Save Time

If you maintain your lawn, you will be saving hours of time with artificial turf. It requires a small amount of maintenance but not the weekly time commitment of a grass lawn. You can leave on vacation for a week or two without worrying if your lawn will look like a jungle or desert upon your return. 

Think of all of the hours that you have spent on lawn care and what other things that you could get accomplished with all of that extra time!

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