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Your Home Golf Course: Top Tips for Installing an Artificial Putting Green

Did you know that Golf is the only sport which has been played on the moon? In 1971, Alan Shepard hit two balls whilst on the surface.

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world for many reasons. It can be played by people of most ages and is something that you can keep getting better at over time.

But often we don’t get the chance to practice as much as we would like due to life getting in the way.

This is why people are starting to install there own home golf course so they can keep there game sharp. What’s more, it’s not as expensive or as hard to install as you might think.

In this article, we’re going to share some top tips for installing an awesome home course so you can get the most from it and lower that handicap.

Read on for more information.

Utilize the Space

You may not have a mansion with several acres at your disposal, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome golfing setup.

You may believe you only have space for something basic but that’s not always the case. This is where bringing in professionals who can analyze your space and advise accordingly is useful.

Remember you’re not trying to replicate the 18th hole at Gleneagles. You’re trying to set up something that can be beneficial to your short game.

Could You Play Inside As well?

It may have never crossed your mind to play golf indoors but for some people its a reality.

If you have a large enough indoor space, it may be worth considering a Portable Artificial Golf Putting Green. This will give you the benefits of being able to practice frequently and being able to play in all weather.

It’s a handy piece of kit that is cost-efficient, long-last, and maintenance-free.

You could even take it into the office with you to practice with colleagues or take it around your golf partner’s house so you can practice together.

Install a Multi-Use Green

You don’t just want to focus on putting if you can help it. Having a practice area in which you can develop more of your short game is much more beneficial.

This is why we recommend The Executive which offers so much. It’s a 2-hole putting green which also has surfaces to practice your chipping and pitching. How awesome is that?

It’s the perfect option if you’re short on space, plus, it’s pet friendly. In no time at all, your short game will be the envy of your playing partners.

Tips For Installing a Home Mini-Golf Course

We hope you have enjoyed our article on installing a home golf course and that you have found these tips beneficial.

As you can see, installing your own small golf course can be more achievable than you may have thought. As long as you take the expert’s advice, you’ll have a sweet set up in no time.

Why not contact us to see how we can help you achieve your dream of a home course?