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7 Reasons Your School Needs a MUGA

Maintaining multiple game areas can be costly and time-consuming.

You want to give your students an area to play, but what cost are you paying?

Giving kids the space to play multiple sports can be very beneficial and a MUGA offers that opportunity to play. Check out what a MUGA is and seven reasons your school needs a MUGA.

What Is a MUGA?

Before we get into the awesome benefits of adding this playing surface to your school, let’s first take a look at the MUGA definition. A MUGA is defined as a multi-use game area. This space allows for multiple games and sports to be played within the same facility.

This space is suitable for all ages and can come in different sizes. Now, let’s take a look at seven reasons your school needs to install a MUGA.

1. Save Money

A popular reason to install a MUGA is to save money. Having one surface to play multiple games on will save you from having to buy multiple surfaces. You may even be able to save on sport and game equipment as some are often included in the structure of the area.

2. Save Time

Aside from saving money, you can also save time by installing a MUGA at your school. For starters, you can save a ton of time by only having one area to clean as opposed to multiple game surfaces. It also doesn’t take a lot of time to clean and maintain the areas.

3. A MUGA Can Be Used Year Round

MUGAs can be used year round for fun active games. Since it’s not real grass, more sports and games can be played throughout the year. A MUGA will perform just as well in the winter months as it does in the summer months.

4. Save Space

Imagine all the space you could save by simply having one MUGA that can be used for different games. You can utilize more space on your campus or area by installing a MUGA.

5. Offers Versatility

A great aspect of a MUGA is that it offers you a ton of versatility. They can be as big or as small as you need. You can also play a multitude of games on them as well. They make a great football playing surface as well as other fun ball games.

6. Low Maintenance Costs

Imagine having a game area that was easy to clean and maintain. That’s a reality with a MUGA. They usually only need the occasional sweeping and trash pickup.

7. Encourage Exercise

Across all ages, physical activity levels are lower than they should be. Having a MUGA installed can encourage exercise among others because there’s so much that can be played on these surfaces.

Install a MUGA at Your School Today

When you install a MUGA at your school, you’re providing your students with a great game area. It’s an investment that’s worth making and will provide everyone with years of fun.

Are you sold and ready to install a MUGA at your school? Contact us today with any questions. We love to help our customers transform their schools, yards, and play areas.