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Why is Artificial Turf Better Than Grass For Sports?

Artificial turf is quickly becoming the preferred choice for athletic fields in a variety of sports. With its low maintenance needs and durability, artificial turf can provide an optimal playing surface while saving money over time. Here are the reasons why business owners should consider artificial turf for their athletic fields.  The Benefits of Artificial […]

The Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass

artificial grass

Perhaps your area’s been hit by a drought and your lawn looks bad? It could be you’re getting older and don’t want to take care of your lawn as much. Whatever the reason, you think artificial grass is a better investment than the real thing. Schools, stadiums, and regular people have made the switch, but […]

How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

Boxer playing with Ball on artificial grass

You’re a low-maintenance kind of person. One thing that always ruins your mood is the constant work you have to put into your front lawn. The natural grass either grows too fast, doesn’t grow enough, or just looks dead. You have better things to worry about.  Because you don’t want to deal with the routine […]

Is Artificial Grass More Eco-Friendly Than the Real Deal?

artificial grass

Have you ever been curious about making the switch to artificial grass? Although the idea may be intriguing, many homeowners and property managers are hesitant because they don’t know about the benefits. If you’ve ever heard that turf is made out of plastic, you might worry that investing in fake grass could harm the environment. […]

Can You Put Artificial Grass On Top of Real Grass? – Pros and Cons

can you put artificial grass on top of real grass

The use of artificial turf has vastly grown in popularity throughout recent years. In fact, the market value for turf is expected to reach approximately $9 billion by 2026. When installing turf in an area where grass is located, it’s a common belief that you need to completely strip the surface before moving forward. But, […]

The Best Turf Burn Prevention Tips and Tricks for Your Artificial Lawn

artificial lawn, artificial grass, artificial lawn maintenance

Artificial turf is beautiful and long lasting — that is unless it’s melting. This turf is prone to turf burn or melting when temperatures are high, but there are some steps you can take to avoid this. The more you learn about caring for your artificial lawn, the easier it is to keep these issues […]