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How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

You’re a low-maintenance kind of person.

One thing that always ruins your mood is the constant work you have to put into your front lawn. The natural grass either grows too fast, doesn’t grow enough, or just looks dead. You have better things to worry about. 

Because you don’t want to deal with the routine grooming, you’ve decided you want to switch to artificial grass. 

If you’re unsure of the best artificial grass, make sure to keep reading. We are here to help. 

Consider Lawn Usage

When selecting the best artificial grass, you need to think about your usage of the lawn. It’s a thing we don’t often consider, but it’s a big factor in your choice. 

Is your lawn kept up for purely aesthetic reasons, barely used by anyone in the home? Are your children constantly outside playing lawn games? Do you own several dogs who love to run around in the yard?

If you barely have any foot traffic through the lawn, consider using artificial grass with a flat blade. However, if your kids are constantly outside or dinner parties on the lawn are your thing, you’ll need something more durable with a shaped blade.

Artificial grass can last between 10 and 20 years with the right care and investment. Even if some grass costs more than what you originally thought, investing in quality is worth it. 

Consider the Appearance

Even if you’re a beginner buying artificial grass, you know it’s important to pick a grass that looks natural. You don’t want your lawn to look bright green and plastic.

Look at your environment around you including your current natural grass, trees, and your neighbor’s lawn. Your best bet is investing in artificial grass that has several different shades of green mixed in because it’ll look more natural.

Instead of one uniform color, you can have some yellow-green, olive, and deeper green pieces. Don’t be afraid to ask for turf samples when selecting colors. 

Consider the Density 

Typically denser artificial grass means higher quality grass. For every square foot of the grass, there are more threads. This will make it more durable. 

When looking at the density and weight of the grass, you will have to consider the foundation of your lawn. Make sure the foundation can handle the weight load you place on top. 

Like mentioned before, don’t sweat over the price tag too much when it comes to dense grass. It’s durable and will last way longer than anything flimsy. 

Choosing the Best Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

Your lawn is an investment so it’s important to choose the best artificial grass for your needs. Just know the bigger investment you make into artificial grass, the longer your lawn will look amazing. 

When selecting what artificial grass you want, there are several things to consider. Think about the amount of usage your yard gets, what color is best, and the overall density of the grass. 

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