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How Much Turf Do I Need? How to Measure Different Lawn Shapes

You’re putting in a new athletic field and have decided to invest in turf instead of natural groundcover. It’s a smart idea as the turf will save on your maintenance budget in the long run.

Since you’re looking at ways to save money, you definitely want to make sure that you don’t order too much material. If that’s the case, you’re probably asking yourself “How much turf do I need?”

The answer comes down to a little simple measuring and math. Read on to learn how to measure your area in order to buy the right amount of turf!

How Much Turf Do I Need?

First, get a measuring device. For smaller spaces, a tape measure may do the trick. For bigger areas, you may want a rolling tape measure or measuring wheel to do the measuring.

Second, make sure you know if you’re measuring in feet or meters. It makes a big difference when ordering! Ultimately, you want to report the area in square feet or square meters.

Third, don’t get overwhelmed by the size of the space. If you’re lucky and it’s a rectangular field, hop to measuring!

If it’s an odd shape, you may have to break down the overall space into more manageable areas. For instance, you can parcel off several smaller rectangles and then add them together to get the total.

Here are some common measurements and calculations you’ll have to make:

Rectangular (and Square) Spaces

To calculate the area of a rectangle, you need to multiply the length by the width.

A= l * w

Measure the length and width in a couple of different places to make sure it’s truly a rectangle. Use the largest numbers to make sure you don’t underestimate.

Circular Spaces

Measure the circular space across its widest point. This measurement is called the diameter. The diameter is equal to twice the radius. You need the radius to calculate the area, so you’ll have to do two equations.

First, d/2=r.

Then, A= 3.14 (r*r)

Triangular Spaces

To measure the area of a triangular space, decide which of the three sides is the longest. Measure the longest side. This will be the length of the triangle.

Then measure from the mid-point of the longest side to the point of the triangle that lays opposite from the mid-point. This will be the height of the triangle.

A= 0.5 * l * h

Order With Confidence

Armed with the answer to “how much turf do I need?”, you’re ready to place your order. It’s always smart to order a little extra to account for the cutting you’ll have to do around the edges. So tack a couple of extra rolls onto your order and get ready for the athletic fields of your dreams.

Ready to place that order? Be sure to check out this blog to help you understand the rest of the turf installation process!