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Putting the Planet First: How Turf Grass Benefits the Environment

Laying a lawn is a simple way to add to your property’s curb appeal. Landscaping can even add 20 percent to the value of your home.

But did you know turf grass can also boost the sustainable credentials of your home? Indeed it can!

You can create a wonderful outdoor space for the whole family. Safe, quiet, cool, and green. Plus, the whole local environment gets the benefits too.

Wondering how turf grass can do all that? Read on to learn more.

Reduced Carbon in the Air

Turf grass is actually a single plant. The only difference between ‘grass’ and ‘turf grass’ is the bed of soil turf grass is rooted in.

Either way, the plant itself is the same. Each blade of grass is a leaf.

These leaves take carbon dioxide out of the air. The grass turns it into oxygen through photosynthesis. That helps reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Be aware that over-fertilizing your lawn and other maintenance create more greenhouse gases. Choosing an artificial lawn solves this problem because it maintains itself.

Stops Soil Erosion

The vast root network of grass also makes it a master at holding the soil together. It makes a lawn incredibly absorbent. During heavy rain, water absorbs into the soil because the grass stops the soil being washed away.

Grass also keeps the soil together in windy areas. This is really important in areas where soil erosion is a problem.

Installing turf grass also helps to insulate the ground during the winter. Bare ground can freeze and crack. An artificial lawn can also stop this from happening simply by blanketing the bare ground.

Natural Air Conditioning

Grass absorbs solar radiation throughout the day. That’s why it’s cooler to walk on grass than concrete.

Because grass absorbs this heat, it makes the area around it cooler. Which means you don’t need to use your air conditioning as often.

That saves you money, but it also cuts down on the amount of power needed.

Artificial turf provides the same benefit. You can also install it on a patio roof for extra benefits.

Prevent the Spread of Weeds

Turf grass acts a little like a carpet in your house. Just as carpet holds onto dust so you don’t breathe it in, grass does the same outside. It collects spores, pollen, dust, and seeds.

Just be sure to maintain your lawn. If a bald patch opens up, weeds will quickly colonize it.

Alternatively, put down artificial turf. Weeds can’t take root and start growing. You also won’t have to deal with grass pollen, making it a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Turf Grass Helps the Environment

Is turf grass sounding like a great option for your garden? Here are two final benefits that aren’t environmental.

Turf grass absorbs sound better than hard surfaces, so it helps to act like natural soundproofing. It’s also safer for kids to play on. So you can let them spend time in the yard, knowing they’re safe.

You don’t need ‘real’ grass to get these last two benefits. Artificial turf does the same thing.

Why not learn more about the benefits of artificial turf in your yard? Call New England Turf Store today at (781) 821-0112.