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7 Benefits of Artificial Grass for a Football Pitch


You must be wondering why people consider turf grass over the natural turf grass. Are there any benefits of fake turf grass over the natural grass? The answer is yes.

In case you are not aware of them, here are seven reasons why turf grass fake should be considered:

1. It Is Whether Friendly

With fake turf grass, football games are played throughout the year regardless of the prevailing weather condition.

Unlike the real grass, you don’t have to worry about the availability of rain, or rather water, to water the grass. Because of this reason, the football calendar is not affected.

Time is not wasted rescheduling for games in other pitches.

2. Fake Turf Grass Is Safe for Players

Fake turf grass has an underlying shock absorber. The form underlays prevent players from getting serious injuries which might compromise their careers.

Secure pitches keep the players in a good physical condition, which in turn avoids the club making loses over player injuries.

3. Turf Grass Pitches Are Durable

The durability of fake turf grass pitches makes turf grass pitches to be used for many functions. A pitch with fake turf grass can hold several matches before requiring any major repair service. It will take many matches, or rather a long duration of time before such a pitch starts displaying a sign of ware.

This is why such pitches can hold events throughout the the day and night consecutively.

4. Fake Turf Grass Allows for Customization

Customization is one of the many benefits of artificial turf. If you are considering covering your field with grass, I will encourage you to go for turf grass. Fake turf grass will allow you to choose the quality or the quantity depending on the size of your pitch and finance capability.

5. Low Maintenance Cost Incurred

Compared to the maintenance task associated with a turf field vs grass field, the maintenance tasks of a turf field is less. The few tasks mean that you will incur few labor power and finances in maintaining the fake turf pitches.

You will need one or two people to redistribute the upper layer with turf. This work will only need a few hours since he/she will use a machine.

6. Turf Grass Is Eco-Friendly

Is artificial turf safe for the environment? I can confidently answer you with a big “YES.” Don’t be amused by the fact that fake turf grass contributes positively to the environment.

If you compare turf fields vs grass fields, turf grass fields need minimal water, requires no pesticides and requires no fertilizers. This, in return, helps to conserve the environment from toxic substances and hence helping keep the environment clean.

7. Turf Grass Provides Consistency

With turf grass, you will get consistency because of the quality of the playing ground. Turf grass has characteristics associated with improving the quality of the game played.

These features include controlled rolling of the balls and bounces. At the end of the day, you get the best out of the players and hence good results

Final word…

We have highlighted seven benefits of artificial turf grass on your pitch. You definitely want the best of the results out of our pitch.

The only way you can do this is to use or replace the real grass turf on your pitch. You will definitely look back and be proud of your decision.

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