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Why Artificial Turf is Perfect for Crossfit

Artificial turf is something we usually think of as suitable for outdoor sports. But did you know that it makes the perfect workout surface for indoor exercise such as CrossFit? It looks great, comes in many colors, and provides shock absorbency for high impact activities such as CrossFit.

CrossFit’s growth has led to over 15,000 gyms worldwide dedicated to the fitness trend. If you manage one or a health club that offers CrossFit, here are several compelling reasons why you may want to have artificial turf installed.

It’s Durable

Dragging equipment across artificial turf or dropping heavy weights on it won’t leave a mark. The material is extremely durable and can take anything thrown at it which makes it an ideal choice for high-intensity cross-training workouts such as CrossFit. 

Artificial turf will provide many years of usage before you have to even think about replacing it. 

It’s Gentle on Joints

There’s a reason why artificial turf makes an ideal choice for playgrounds: it helps protect children from injuries if they fall. Artificial turf does the same for athletes while they’re working out. It provides great low-impact protection and helps minimize injuries.

Artificial turf is usually manufactured with foam backing to provide shock-absorbing properties for indoor use.

Cleaning Is a Snap

Artificial turf is easy to clean and maintain. To remove dirt and other debris, simply vacuum like you would carpeting. You can also rake it away using a turf rake.

Some brands of athletic field turf have stain-resistant properties. If your turf picks up a stain from a sports drink or other liquid, you can try sponging it with detergent suds and cold water. Stubborn stains may require applying a dry cleaning solvent.

In general, artificial turf always looks fresh and new and is low maintenance.

It’s Available in Several Colors

Having artificial turf installed in your gym doesn’t mean you have to love the color green. Manufacturers are making artificial grass in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your gym’s design. You can even choose a bright, energizing color such as red or orange to will subconsciously encourage patrons to work out harder. 

Artificial turf can also be branded with your sports facility’s logo or motto.

No Grass Stains

Artificial turf also won’t leave stains on clothing should you come into contact with it. Although this may seem like a minor perk, removing grass stains from fabric can be a hassle.

Ready to Install Artificial Turf in Your CrossFit Gym?

Artificial turf just can’t be beaten with all of the benefits it delivers to CrossFit gyms and sports facilities. If you’re interested in having artificial grass installed at your health club, learn more about us and our experience, then contact us for a free consultation. Our line of turf for indoor sports facilities comes in several levels of shock absorbency so your clients stay comfortable and motivated.