University Stadium Maintenance: A Complete Guide

university stadium

A university stadium is home to many important events, from college sports, to special school events, and in some cases even graduation. With so much going on, it’s clear that a stadium is a sacred place for any university, and as such should be taken care of. The challenge with taking care of a college […]

3 Ways Artificial Turf for Pets Benefits You and Your Furry Friends

artificial turf for pets

Are you a pet parent who is frustrated with the way your precious pet traipses around on your lawn, ruining its pristine condition to suit its own animalistic desires?  Yes, you love your pet, that’s a given. But you don’t want to sacrifice the health of your lawn and the opinion of your neighbors about […]

Best Sports-Related Uses for Indoor Artificial Turf at Your Facility

indoor artificial turf

If you’re running an indoor sporting facility, it’s important to maximize the potential uses of your space. One of the best ways to increase the uses of your facility is by installing artificial turf. Read on to learn about the best sports uses for indoor artificial turf, and how to get the best turf installation […]

The Complete Artificial Turf Pricing Guide

Artificial turf pricing

Homeowners, sports complex managers, and colleges and universities depend on synthetic or artificial turf. It’s accessible and durable and requires less maintenance than natural lawn grasses. Over time, artificial turf pricing is more affordable than you might think.  If you’ve considered adding artificial turf at your home, park, or athletic field, you may wonder: How […]

7 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Outdoor Artificial Turf

outdoor artificial turf

Do you think it might be time to replace your artificial turf? Whether for residential or commercial use, artificial turf is a stylish, practical solution. Without the fuss of lawn care. But because it’s easy to look after, you might not know when it’s time to replace it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read […]

Is Artificial Turf Extremely Expensive?

artificial turf cost

Artificial turf is a growing trend in residential lawns and gardens. It provides an attractive and evergreen alternative to the traditional lawn. Artificial grass has come a long way since the original days of fluorescent-colored green carpet. There are many options on the market, all of which are much closer to the appearance of natural […]

3 Amazing Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf

how to install artificial turf

Though it was once limited primarily to sports stadiums, the last several years have seen artificial turf’s popularity as a residential landscaping solution grow. The market for artificial turf passed $2.6 billion in 2020 and is projected to keep growing as more homeowners discover its benefits. If you’re thinking of looking into how to install […]

Artificial Grass vs Turf: Here’s the Difference

artificial grass vs turf

Did you know that there are about 12,000 to 13,000 synthetic turf sports fields in the United States, with more being installed each year? Artificial turf and artificial grass are popular alternatives for sports fields, parks, and personal lawns throughout the country. If you’re looking to switch to artificial alternatives there are many options for […]

3 Tips for Maintaining Artificial Turf for Dogs

Artificial Turf For Dogs

Artificial grass is appealing for its versatility, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. It has a wide range of uses in both residential and commercial applications.  Did you know that there is artificial turf for dogs? Pet turf is a growing sector of the residential turf market. Turf for dogs has product formulation and installation techniques […]

The Handy Dandy Guide To Artificial Grass Installation

artificial grass installation

Whether you have a sports facility to manage or looking for a solution to your residential lawn needs, artificial grass could be the answer. Enhancements in production have made it almost impossible to tell from real grass. Plus, you have the added benefit of no watering, no fertilizing, and best of all – no mowing! […]