Artificial Grass: How to Install Turf for Your Porch

artificial turf for porches

Artificial grass is quietly increasing in popularity. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to a grass lawn, which wastes water and uses fertilizer for its upkeep. However, did you know that it’s also an excellent floor cover for other surfaces as well? There’s nothing quite like the feeling of lush grass beneath your bare feet. So why not […]

Athletic Training: 5 Benefits of Using Indoor Turf Fields

indoor turf fields for sports

There are some products that can, in fact, beat the real thing. Most of us are familiar with the artificial turf that is used in both professional and youth sports. But have you ever wondered why there’s a need for turf in place of real grass? Let’s consider that here. Keep reading to learn the reasoning behind […]

Turfing Timeline: A Complete Overview of the Turf Installation Process

artificial turf installation

Are you sick of spending hours maintaining your lawn just to have your grass die during hot summers or freezing winters? If so, artificial turf is your best bet. Adding turf to your backyard comes with a number of advantages, including little to no maintenance and a great appearance all year. In addition, turf provides the […]