PFOA, PFOS and PFASs in synthetic turf fields

A synthetic turf resources study in support of SYNlawn In pursuit of an article published by environmental group PEER which claimed to have foundPFAS, PFOS and PFOASs on a ppt (parts per trillion) trace level concentration in synthetic turfinstallations. Synthetic turf resources completed a study on the presence of these chemicals intheir turf systems. The […]

Is Artificial Grass for Playground Surfaces Safe for Kids and Pets?

Is Artificial Grass for Playground Surfaces Safe for Kids and Pets? When constructing commercial playgrounds, safety must be your top priority. Nobody wants to see kids injure themselves at a place where they are supposed to have fun. Plus, as the builder of a play surface, you could be liable for any emergency occurring at […]

University Stadium Maintenance: A Complete Guide

university stadium

A university stadium is home to many important events, from college sports, to special school events, and in some cases even graduation. With so much going on, it’s clear that a stadium is a sacred place for any university, and as such should be taken care of. The challenge with taking care of a college […]

How Much Turf Do I Need? How to Measure Different Lawn Shapes

how much turf do i need

You’re putting in a new athletic field and have decided to invest in turf instead of natural groundcover. It’s a smart idea as the turf will save on your maintenance budget in the long run. Since you’re looking at ways to save money, you definitely want to make sure that you don’t order too much material. […]

7 Reasons Your School Needs a MUGA


Maintaining multiple game areas can be costly and time-consuming. You want to give your students an area to play, but what cost are you paying? Giving kids the space to play multiple sports can be very beneficial and a MUGA offers that opportunity to play. Check out what a MUGA is and seven reasons your […]