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Why Artificial Turf is Perfect for Crossfit

artificial turf

Artificial turf is something we usually think of as suitable for outdoor sports. But did you know that it makes the perfect workout surface for indoor exercise such as CrossFit? It looks great, comes in many colors, and provides shock absorbency for high impact activities such as CrossFit. CrossFit’s growth has led to over 15,000 […]

7 Reasons Your School Needs a MUGA


Maintaining multiple game areas can be costly and time-consuming. You want to give your students an area to play, but what cost are you paying? Giving kids the space to play multiple sports can be very beneficial and a MUGA offers that opportunity to play. Check out what a MUGA is and seven reasons your […]

7 Benefits of Artificial Grass for a Football Pitch

fake turf grass

  You must be wondering why people consider turf grass over the natural turf grass. Are there any benefits of fake turf grass over the natural grass? The answer is yes. In case you are not aware of them, here are seven reasons why turf grass fake should be considered: 1. It Is Whether Friendly […]

Look at ‘Em Go! Why Your Furry Friends Will Love Pet Turf

pet turf

85 million American households have at least one pet. Not surprisingly, the most common pets are dogs and cats. And while they’re scientifically proven to improve wellbeing, they can also cause a whole lot of mess – especially when it comes to your lawn. Switching to artificial turf has benefits for both you and your furry friend. Not only […]

The Best Turf Burn Prevention Tips and Tricks for Your Artificial Lawn

artificial lawn, artificial grass, artificial lawn maintenance

Artificial turf is beautiful and long lasting — that is unless it’s melting. This turf is prone to turf burn or melting when temperatures are high, but there are some steps you can take to avoid this. The more you learn about caring for your artificial lawn, the easier it is to keep these issues […]

Turfing Timeline: A Complete Overview of the Turf Installation Process

artificial turf installation

Are you sick of spending hours maintaining your lawn just to have your grass die during hot summers or freezing winters? If so, artificial turf is your best bet. Adding turf to your backyard comes with a number of advantages, including little to no maintenance and a great appearance all year. In addition, turf provides the […]

A Complete Guide To Artificial Turf Maintenance

Artificial Turf Maintenance

Home ownership can be such a rewarding life experience. However, lawn maintenance can quickly transform the dream into a nightmare. Between mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, constantly watering, and dealing with summer and springtime allergens, maybe having a big green yard isn’t for you. But you can’t just have a lot full of dirt! Have […]

No More Muddy Shoes: Top 5 Uses For Artificial Grass

Uses For Artificial Grass

Do you miss the feeling of rolling around in fresh, green grass as a kid but don’t want to stain your shirt green? Does your child have a hard time playing outside on the lawn because she’s allergic to nature’s turf? Do you want to create a modern outdoor aesthetic that will draw jaws at your […]

Let’s Play! 5 Benefits of Playground Turf

playground turf

Some of kids’ happiest moments involve playing on playgrounds: that dizzying first trip down the spiral slide, the sensation of swinging so high it feels like they can touch the sky with their toes. Even running through the grass with friends, the family golden retriever giving chase, getting lost in imaginative adventures: these are some of the brightest memories of summertime […]

Turf Wars: Artificial Turf versus Grass

Have you considered installing artificial turf in your yard? Turf is a big trend for yards right now. It’s a material that’s environmentally friendly and low maintenance. A grass lawn only looks nice if you have the time to maintain it properly, while turf will look great all year long. Turf isn’t just for the […]